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Biotech Career Guide

Your future in life sciences

A career in life sciences offers excellent choices and opportunities for your future. Biotechnology’s competitive job environment ensures high earnings potential and opportunities to work in a variety of environments anywhere in the world.

This diverse industry enables you to find the job that best suits your interests. From farming to pharmaceuticals, the tools of biotechnology help farmers to grow higher yields and scientists to make better drugs. You may prefer to work as a researcher in a lab, an executive in a fast-paced business environment, a greenhouse technician, or an engineer building a new manufacturing facility.  The possibilities are endless.

The basic career types in bioscience industries are listed below:

Prepare for your future in biotechnology

To remain competitive in today's workplace, you need to continuously expand your knowledge and upgrade your skills. This is especially true of life sciences. If life-long learning excites you, biotechnology offers many opportunities and North Carolina’s world class training and education programs give you the tools you need to start a new career or excel in your current one.

Find your future in life sciences here

Start looking for your new job right here in North Carolina.  The resources below will allow you to search for jobs in North Carolina as well as post your resume for employers to view.