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FDA OKs T3D Drug Testing

RTP biopharm startup T3D will test its Alzheimer's therapy in patients.

Biogen Celebrates 20 Years of RTP Growth

It was like a family reunion for hundreds of people gathered at Biogen RTP, with fond and fraught memories capped by excitement over growth plans for the next 20.


Food for Thought from Plant Genetics Pioneer 

Syngenta founder Mary-Dell Chilton, Ph.D., considered “the mother of plant genetic engineering,” recalls her path to greatness in this NCBiotech Ag Biotech Professional Forum. 

The Proof’s in the Data

$73 B in economic activity. 228,000 jobs. 30.9 percent job growth. 4X the national average. However you measure growth, our life science industry has it. Read more in this report from Battelle.


Raleigh-Durham comes in 2nd in JLL's annual survey of life science clusters. What's the secret sauce that puts us second only to Boston?

$13M Boost Builds Bigger Baebies 

Baebies, a Durham company developing a small, high-tech system for genetic testing of newborns, completes $13M in equity financing. 

Alzheimer's Test
Biogen’s 20th
Dr. Chilton Speaks
NC Industry Numbers
Inching Up
Baebies Booster


David Mann, CEO of Vascular Biosciences, recalls the rush when his company was chosen to pitch its story as the 2015 “Buzz of BIO” award winner.

We make connections that create biotech jobs...


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