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Circular Dichroism Spectrometer for Characterization of Proteins and other Biomolecules in the Far and Vacuum Ultraviolet

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Award date: 
Jan 3, 2012
Award amount: 
Organization name: 
East Carolina University
Principal Investigator: 
Sutherland, John C.
Grant program category: 
Research and Equipment Support
Grant program name: 
Institutional Development Grant

Proteins are important in many aspects of biotechnology. Ultraviolet circular dichroism (CD) is a powerful tool for studying the structure of proteins in solution. We will build and test a CD instrument that is optimized for measuring the CD of proteins in the short-wavelength ultraviolet region of the spectrum, which provides the most information on protein structure. The completed instrument will be available for use by scientists at East Carolina University and other institutions in the state.

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