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Welcome to the Landing Pad, Fluidigm!

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is pleased to welcome our newest Landing Pad tenant, Fluidigm.

Ag Biotech Entrepreneurs to Showcase Tech

Fifth Annual Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase Set for May 10-11

By Barry Teater, NCBiotech Writer

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center scoured the planet for some of the world’s most innovative crop and animal-health companies to present at the fifth annual Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase this spring in Research Triangle Park.

Inside View: A Kind Gentleman and Nobel Laureate

It was a gray afternoon in March, 2008 at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. A kindly looking gentleman stood in our Congressional Room, surrounded by a group of North Carolina’s brightest young scientists, winners of various science competitions across the state that year.

Breaking Through: The Psychology of (Ag) Biotech

We all know it. The world needs twice as much food by 2050.

We all know it. But commodity prices are low. And that decreases available resources for innovation in food production, pointed out one attendee at Tuesday's Ag Biotech Workshop.

Not so, responded one of the panelists. It's actually psychology.

For when food production is slightly ahead of demand, we think that there is plenty of food. Nothing to worry about.

Leaders, Thinkers, Students, Researchers Gather for Ag + Biotech Summit

More than 500 participants in the NC State University College of Agriculture and Life Science and NCBiotech Ag Biotech Initiative joint North Carolina Agriculture and Biotechnology Summit are dealing with the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by the year 2050. And more.

Inside View: Finding a New Way

The NCBiotech website has a new roadmap. How did this happen? Where's my favorite page? Well, I'm glad you asked.

NCBiotech Names New President & CEO

NCBiotech named Douglas L. Edgeton, a experienced leader in healthcare and life sciences, as the new President and CEO. Edgeton is currently senior vice president for financial planning and development at NCBiotech, with two decades of prior experience at academic medical centers, Wake Forest University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Bioscience Jobs, Pay Outpace Other NC Business

Life science jobs in North Carolina have increased 7 percent since 2007, to more than 66,000 by the end of 2012. And despite the overall economic struggle to claw back from the Great Recession, life science salaries in the state rose nearly 13 percent, to $82,000, says a new report from Battelle,


NCBiotech Landing Pad

Your Innovation Destination

Whether your next move is across the nation —or across the ocean — you’ll need the support of an experienced team whose sole mission is to nurture and grow life science companies in one of the world’s premier markets.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center Landing Pad is a unique program that offers both prime physical office space and a full cadre of professional services to cushion your landing as you establish your company footprint in North Carolina’s renowned life science hub.

NCBiotech Connections

Archived issues of the news and events newsletter for North Carolina's life science community.


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