The pace of change in our world continues to increase with no end in sight. You’re awash in DEADLINES and TO DO lists …   always ON.  Phone always on…. Always available…

But what if you could develop practices that enable you to create a Stronghold … a place where you can renew the passion and energy you once had for achieving your goals and be fully present to your colleagues, family and friends at the same time?

In this in-depth and compelling presentation, Dr. Matt Kersey of Transition States Coaching and Training will show you how to create your own unique Stronghold.

You’ll learn three skills that will give you the confidence to re-connect with what’s really important and still achieve your goals by:

  • Creating the space you need to re-charge
  • Establishing a laser focus on your top priority
  • Developing meaningful connections with colleagues, family and friends

Open networking will follow



Can't attend in Durham? Ask us about attending remotely at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis  or Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Wilmington.