The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) is pleased to announce that President and CEO, Ellen Matloff, has been chosen to launch the first Genetic Counselor Awareness Day on November 9, 2017 as a webinar speaker. 

The goal of the day is to empower genetic counselors to raise awareness and interest about the profession in their communities and to reach consumers and make them aware of the role genetic counselors can play in their healthcare. We encourage our fellow genetic counselors to join us in using the hashtag #IAmAGeneticCounselor.

“I’m honored to be chosen by the NSGC to kick off the 1st Genetic Counselor Awareness Day,” Matloff said. “The growth potential for the genomics movement in the next decade is tremendous, and success will be measured on accurate interpretation of genetic testing data, so that clinicians and consumers can use it effectively. Genetic counselors will be key leaders in this movement, and I’m excited to help shine a light on our vital role in that mission." 

Matloff will headline NSGC's webinar coinciding with the day’s events. Ultimately, the goal of this webinar is to highlight how to translate the core skills of genetic counselors into advocacy and leadership roles for the profession.

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