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Stem Cells: Their Sources, Therapeutic Uses and Societal Issues

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Award date: 
May 15, 2013
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Organization name: 
UNC - Asheville
Principal Investigator: 
Ward, Jennifer Rhode
Grant program category: 
Education Support
Grant program name: 
Education & Training Workshop

Building on the content presented in the Introductory Biotechnology workshop, this Advanced Topic 4-day workshop for high school and college instructors will focus on the sources and therapeutic uses of stem cells.
Lectures, discussions and laboratories will explain what stem cells are, where they are found in humans (and other organisms), and the capabilities of different kinds of stem cells to treat disease. Concepts like gene expression and cellular differentiation will be explored in the context of stem cells and their differentiation into cells, tissues and organs with specialized functions. Participating teachers will review case studies that examine the use of stem cells under different scenarios and the issues raised.

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