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Phase IIa Clinical Study Examining the Efficacy of the Ketoprofen Topical Creme, ELS-M10

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Award date: 
Sep 19, 2013
Award amount: 
Organization name: 
Achelios Therapeutics, Inc.
Principal Investigator: 
Frangakis, Crist
Grant program category: 
Business Financing
Grant program name: 
Small Business Research Loan
Research Triangle

Approximately 30 million people in the United States suffer migraine attacks. The cost burden of migraine in the United States is estimated to exceed $25 billion annually. Ketoprofen is a potent NSAID with known capabilities of addressing migraines but has significant side effects when taken orally. The Achelios formulation allows penetration of the compound to the trigeminal nerves, the source of migraine headaches. By limiting systemic exposure but allowing efficacious amounts of ketoprofen into the trigemina, we will be able to treat migraines effectively without the systemic side effects.

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