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Custom Research

Improve your competitive position with custom market landscape analyses tailored to address your specific questions. Our research analysts are experts in the business of life science, and can deliver timely, confidential reports on topics including:

  • Epidemiology and market size
  • Competition and product development landscape
  • Partner, asset and expertise identification
  • Deal benchmarking
  • Trends in the life science industry in North Carolina and beyond
  • Patent, literature and funding searches

We work across sectors, from agbiotech to biopharma, from device to diagnostics, and with companies at all stages of growth. Whether you’re a startup, an established company, a consultant or with a university, we can deliver strategic insight to inform your decisions. 

Sample Research

The following is an example market analysis report. All confidential information has been redacted. 

Ophthalmic Drugs: Indications and Market Landscape (focus on glaucoma)


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