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BATON Referral Network

Access Biotech Industry Expertise

The BATON Referral Network is a community of life science professionals committed to the growth of North Carolina-based companies.  BATON features a searchable database of prequalified service providers and CEO candidates representing a vast array of business and technical expertise. Service providers pledge to contribute services or provide preferential pricing for referrals coming through the BATON network database.





Join the BATON Referral Network

There is no cost to qualified Service Providers to participate in the BATON program.  However, participating Service Providers are expected to offer some or all of their services for referrals coming through the BATON network database under one or more of the following terms: pro bono, discounted, at cost, deferred, fixed cost, service for equity.

New Participant*If you would like to become a BATON Service Provider in the referral network please complete the new participant interest form.


*If you are already a BATON Service Provider in the referral network and would like to update your information, please complete the existing participant update form.