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Karin Shank, MS, MLS

Senior Research Analyst
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As a former agricultural biochemist turned Research Librarian, Karin has particular strengths in understanding the science behind her information projects. Clients appreciate her ability to quickly grasp new concepts and understand the underlying questions that need to be answered.  One of Karin’s favorite parts of the job is diving into a new topic to make sense out of multitudes of available information, by excerpting and organizing the most relevant highlights from authoritative web and library resources. The resulting customized reports can be quickly digested by clients and easily used in the development of business plans, grant applications and presentations to VC firms.  Karin also greatly enjoys brainstorming with researchers, consultants and students about ways to approach hard-to-find information requests.

Karin holds an M.S. degree in Crop Science and Botany from NC State University as well as a Master’s in Library Science from North Carolina Central University. Before becoming a librarian, she gained experience in a corporate laboratory environment by working as an associate scientist at a multi-national agricultural biotechnology company. 


The variety of information resources offered by the NCBiotech Library continues to grow, as we welcome scientific publisher Springer to our consortium.

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The NCBiotech Library has pre-negotiated two exclusive deals for access to full-text scientific literature from publishers Elsevier and EBSCO.

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