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Biotech Center FAQs

I. General Biotechnology Center Questions

II. Company Directory

III. Business

IV. Media/Biotechnology Center News

V. Education

1.1 What is the North Carolina Biotechnology Center?
A private, non-profit corporation supported by the N.C. General Assembly. Its mission is to transform North Carolina's life science opportunities into economic prosperity through innovation, commercialization, education and business growth.
The Center, established in 1984, continues to help redefine the concept of "biotech." A vital economic engine for North Carolina, it adapts to scientific changes constantly spinning from the state's many academic research labs and entrepreneurial companies.
1.2 Is the Biotechnology Center a state agency?
Initially a part of state government, the Biotechnology Center was reconstituted in 1984 as a private, non-profit corporation, giving it greater flexibility.
1.3 Does the Biotechnology Center perform research?
No. Instead of conducting laboratory research, the Biotechnology Center helps universities and companies carry out research with grants, loans and other assistance.
1.4 Does the Biotechnology Center offer memberships or a member list?
The Biotechnology Center is not a membership organization, but does offer services common to membership organizations. You can check the job posting page for possible employment opportunities or be listed in our company database. Networking events are also available on our online calendar. To stay abreast of news, subscribe to our weekly electronic newsletter BT Catalyst.
1.5 What types of business incubators exist at the Biotechnology Center? Does the Biotechnology Center help startup companies find incubator space?
While the Center does not provide incubator space, it does offer the North Carolina Biotechnology Center Landing Pad program which features a prime office space, full range of life science resources, and referral assistance in locating lab, research and manufacturing space to help companies get established.

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2.1 Why does the Biotechnology Center maintain a company directory?
NCBiotech maintains a company directory to provide an accurate record of the biotechnology industry to not only encourage commerce, but to also, demonstrate the number of companies that are utilizing or supporting the biotechnology industry. 
2.2 How do I list my company?
Send an e-mail to
2.3 How are companies categorized?
      The way we have categorized the companies in the directory is in two different sections: Bioscience and Service Providers. 
            Bioscience: Companies conducting research, development, production, testing, marketing or distribution of bioscience products. These are more categories classified by activities, end markets or applications and core capabilities.
            Service Providers: Businesses and non-profit organizations that provide bioscience companies with goods and services.
2.4 How much does a directory listing cost?
Directory listings are free, however, the company must have at least one location within the state of North Carolina and be a biotechnology company or a supporting service provider. 
2.5 How do I access all of the information about a company in the directory?
All of the information that is publicly available is searchable online. From the search results, follow the link to General Information. A username and password are no longer required.
2.6 Can you send me my username and password?
A username and password are no longer required to access organization information in BioSciNC. If you are trying to edit your organization's information, they can be e-mailed to you. If you still need assistance, please e-mail for any BioSciNC related questions or for jobs or registration assistance. Also, please add to your approved senders list.
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3.1  What business loans are available from the Biotechnology Center?
The Biotechnology Center offers loans designed to leverage additional investments and to bridge funding gaps in a small company's development. A list of these awards is available online. The Biotechnology Center also invests small amounts of money in venture capital funds devoted to bioscience investment.
3.2  How much financial assistance has the Biotechnology Center provided?
The Biotechnology Center has awarded about $16 million to about 90 companies, helping those companies raise more than $1 billion in follow-on funding from other sources.
3.3  Does the Biotechnology Center offer internships or give referrals to companies or institutions that do?
Only a few. The Biotechnology Center works with a few MBA interns each year and some companies listed in our database do offer internships. Contact them directly if you are interested.
3.4  Can my company post job openings on the Biotechnology Center's site?

Yes. This requires a brief sign-up and approval process in which you enter information about your company and the open position. The Biotechnology Center will assign a user name and password so you can manage the listings. Every job post requires a $20 sponsorship. This service is for North Carolina jobs only. Learn more on our jobs help page.

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4.1 Who do I contact with media inquiries?
Jim Shamp, director of public relations, at 919-549-8889.
4.2 Besides the news items on your home page, how can I follow biotechnology news?
The Biotechnology Center publishes the electronic newsletter monthly to people either interested or involved in the commercialization of biotechnology in North Carolina. You can also register to receive a Web feed of our news headlines.
4.3 How do I include my event in your e-mail newsletter?
Send an e-mail to Elizabeth Edwards, who will add your item to the online calendar. We will make every effort to include your event in our monthly e-newsletter for coming events, at least two weeks prior to the event. 

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5.1 I'm a high school science teacher. What online resources are available? 
   If you visit our Resources for Educators page, you will find a great list of resources that you could use in your classroom setting. 
5.2 Can I bring a school group to the Biotechnology Center? 
   The North Carolina Biotechnology Center does not currently offer tours, however, we do offer field trip suggestions

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